Email Special

One year email for $60.

To open an account send your contact info and your preferred name using the contact form (upper right).

Remember , if you are not paying, you are the product.

We accept paypal, checks, credit cards.

Recovery Update

(08:20 EST)

All data has been copied. Tomorrow morning the disk will be replaced at the data center in Gunzenhausen. Please check and make sure all data has been copied. We checked already and just want to make sure. After tomorrow there will be no more chance to retrieve missing parts.


Wed Nov 21 11:00 est

Since a few hours is up again. We are still copying mail data in the background. Lots of mail data. Please help to make this a greener server by deleting your trash and spam and all unnecessary messages now and in the future. Just like you have to empty your waste basket next to your desk from time to time. IMAP and POP will go on as soon as all data has been transferred.

Server Crash Update

Yesterday we had a major crash on the server. Both drives showed errors and the raid system did not work properly. We need to copy all data to a new drive and then replace the disk. As of this morning all domains are working and the mail server is accepting mail. We hope to restore full mail service within a few hours.
It's huge amounts of data, so copying takes time...

Phishing Expeditions

If you are getting emails from something like" Technical Services"
asking in bad English for your user name and password, do NOT respond. We will never send you an email asking for your password. These are are phishing attempts from spammer assholes who are only interested to get your email data and use your account to spam thousands of other people. Please be careful and look at the reply to address or url. It's most likeley something like or and NOT a legitimate address. If you fall for this shit, it creates huge problems for everyone. Please stay alert!

fake emails from ""

if you receive strange emails like the one below, just ignore it.
we will never ask you for passwords or to run an executable file.
always check the full message headers when you receive suspicious mails
and/or contact us.

latest fake email example:

We are contacting you in regards to an unusual activity that was
identified in your mailbox. As a result, your mailbox has been
deactivated. To restore your mailbox, you are required to extract and run
the attached mailbox utility.

Best regards, technical support.


Problems sending mail due to Verizon blocking port 25

Are you using Verizon-DSL?
If that's the case, call Verizon tech support or take a look at the links below.
Verizon is blocking outgoing mail on port 25, so you need to switch
to their mailserver:

current contact info

our old phone number (718) 395 2242 has become obsolete.
you can contact walter by using skype. his skype id is vavoida.
to reach wolfgang by skype, contact wolfgangsta.
the best way to get support is by sending a detailed email message to
or use the contact form on this web site. for billing questions, please email
we will make an effort to call you back within a day if you need to talk to us by phone.

SPAM Control in Squirrel Mail (web mail).

Here's how to get ***SPAM*** marked messages into the Spam folder:
1) Login to your web mail account.
2) Go to "Options" -> "Message Filter".
3) Under "What to Scan," check "only unread messages".
4) Then check "If Subject contains ***SPAM*** then move to INBOX.Spam"

That should take care of it.

mail problems? READ ME!

A number of people called with mail problems. This is mainly due to outdated mail server settings in client programs. Please check your setting and look if they conform to the following:

incoming mail (pop):
outgoing mail (smtp):
username: or

smtp now requires authentication. Enter your e-mail as username and the same password that you use for incoming mail. To protect your privacy, you can also turn on SSL or TSL authentication in your incoming and outgoing mail settings to request an encrypted connection.